Coronavirus COVID-19 emergency

THECoronavirus emergency it becomes more and more pressing and we are all called to respect certain rules of conduct and hygiene for avoid the spread of the infection.

Below we propose a list of offers related to products that are certainly useful for the prevention and for diagnosis of Covid-19.

  • Le MASKS are FUNDAMENTALS to prevent the spread of CORONAVIRUS offering a PHYSICAL BARRIER to the dangerous droplets of saliva and also manage to remove the humidity from the air, blocking most of the harmful elements.
  • Automatic dispensers of soap and cleansing foam which can also be used with products disinfectants. So we are sure not to contaminate our bathroom or other surfaces before having sanitized our hands.
  • Pulse oximeters, is a medical instrument used to detect oxygen saturation in the blood. If the percentage drops below 98% it is likely that there is some lung problem and it can be a useful alarm bell for Covid-19.
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Covid19 pulse oximeter
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