How to use the discount codes on Banggood with the new interface

November 9, 2021

Save on Banggood, Take advantage of Discount Codes and COUPON BANGGOOD on a wide selection of electronics, home, toys, drones, PC products

Banggood allows use of points and coupons (cannot be used together) to take advantage of special discounts on the order and receive free products from time to time. In that sense, we advise you to follow the our Telegram channel dedicated to offers, so you can take advantage of the numerous discounts they publish every day.

Taking advantage of coupon codes is simple: first of all you have to empty the cart if you have already placed the product. Open the product page via the link provided with the coupon and click on "buy now" or "Buy now". The product will be added to the cart and you will be taken directly to the check out face, just enter the code in the field that we show you in the following screen:

IMPORTANT: neither points nor coupons can be used on flash sale products with the wording PROMO.

Banggood offers a global shipping service. On the support page, the reseller states: “We aim to constantly reduce shipping fees; our customers can decide for a faster shipping for a fee, or select a free standard shipping ".

  • AirParcel Register: It is undoubtedly the cheapest of all, as it is often free and managed by the Swiss Post carrier. However, it is at customs risk, but it can be remedied by selecting the "tariffs" insurance (cost that varies according to the product) at checkout, in this way Banggood will fully refund the cost of customs taxes.
  • EU Priority Line: It is a safe and economical shipment that allows you to avoid, in most cases, the payment of customs duties! Delivery in Italy will be made in about 10-25 working days by GLS
  • Priority Direct Mail: Historical shipping method, a little more expensive but highly reliable. Even in this, customs duties will be borne by the store! Delivery is expected in 10-15 working days via the Italian Post Office.
  • European Railway Direct Mail: FREE shipping method, dedicated to somewhat bulky items (such as Robot vacuum cleaners, scooters, etc.) which guarantees to avoid customs duties, even if the times are a bit long!
  • Shipping from EU, USA and AU
    Banggood also has warehouses in Europe, USA and Australia. In that case, shipments will be faster. Shipments to Italy of goods from European warehouses are - obviously - faster and already cleared through customs.


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