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- 24% FIIDO D11 - The battery is hidden in the seat tube and is therefore removable
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  • History of the FIIDO E-Bike
     The first FIIDO e-bike was born in 2017 and received wide attention. Not only do we want to provide cyclists with more effective shifting capabilities, but also a more enjoyable riding experience.

2019 saw the birth of the highly anticipated D11. Product ID D11 was initialized in February of the same year. Our engineering team confirmed the final design form factor in April. Then they created the prototype of the product in May. Three months later, in August, the product test was completed on time. Finally in November our factory started mass production and quality assurance.

  • Unique design

Each independently developed and manufactured electric bicycle maintains the shape and sporting attributes of traditional bicycles under the premise of extremely light weight. In view of the functionality of our products, most e-bikes are equipped with a hidden removable battery, which is a safer one than Lithium. In addition, the configuration of the assistant, brushless gear motor, efficient vector controller and 7-speed gearbox ensures the stable performance of FIIDO e-bikes. As for portability, most e-bikes are foldable, which makes them easy to carry, which undoubtedly improves convenience when going out on a long journey.

We currently have four product series: Smart, Off-Road, Mileage and Fun (?), Which require multiple driving scenes. Our company's market territory covers more than 40 countries including USA, UK, Singapore, Italy, France and China.

  • Our vision

Fiido is committed to providing customers with an e-bike riding experience full of gratification, joy, and most importantly, our cyclists can reap the health benefits that come with indulging in the joy of driving.

We also pay close attention to the spiritual world of the bikers who choose our products. The cultural attribution of the return to the traditional form of the bicycle and the satisfaction of cycling are irreplaceable regardless of how times change.

To some extent, controlling the time means controlling your life. Electric bikes made by Fiido can help you when you were weighed down by life. Besides, with such multiple function and fashion outlook, it could also be a thoughtful gift for your loved ones.

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